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Hair Stylist, Makeup Artist & Image Consultant

Hair Stylist, Makeup Artist & Image Consultant

I’m an accomplished hair stylist and make up artist with 32+ years of experience. From working in commercial hair salons to film studios. I’ve worked in various roles, including wardrobe styling, hairstyling and make up.




I have a deep love of cutting and colouring, and an unwavering respect for the integrity and natural beauty of hair. Striving to create an environment that nurtures, protects and cares for people and their haircare needs, I utilise a mixture of precision and organic cutting techniques to ensure a natural flow to hair.




With the benefit of years of experience in film, magazine shoots and television, you can be assured of a look that will wear and photograph well, is timeless and elegant and fitting for any occasion.


When opting for a makeover, why not extend it to your wardrobe and make up? Individual or group make up lessons available, and personal wardrobe consultations on a one on one basis.



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